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Garden Veg & Seed Inventory for 2017
Many of these veg/herbs/flowers will be grown out for sale this summer to enjoy for fresh eating (but not all!!) & the best will be saved for 2018 seed

Bulk seeds for sale are highlighted in red

Available at the Summerside Farmers' Market & also at the farm gate
Beans ~
Green Snap - Bush
Black Valentine, Blue Jay, Bountiful, Calima, Canadian Wonder, Contender, Delinel, Igloo, Masai, Maxibel, Oceanis, Orca, Painted Pony, Provider, Venture
Wax - Bush
Concador Yellow, Fortin’s Family Wax, George Murphy’s Wax, Golden Butterwax, Honey Wax, Indy Gold, Keygold, Pencil Pod Golden Wax, Valdor
Pink/Red Snap - Bush
Red Swan, Tanya’s Pink Pod
Purple Snap - Bush
Blooming Prairie, Velour
Bi-Colour - Bush
Dragon Langerie, Refugee, Taylor Horticultural, Thibodeau du Comte Beauce, Tongue of Fire
Broad Beans
Dry - Bush
Amish Gnuttle, Black Turtle, Caribee, Early Refuge, Eilidh’s 16 Blush Bean, Flambo, Goose Gullet, Gysi, Hutterite, Ireland Creek Annie, Jacob’s Cattle, Kebarika, King of the Early, Light Red Kidney, Littlefield’s Special, Maine Sunset, Mitla Black, Monastery, Mono Negro, Mrociumere, Nora Baudette Baking Bean, Norwegian Brown, Saturday Night Special, Swedish Brown, Teggia, Vermont Cranberry, Wild Goose
Algarve, Annie Jackson, Baie Verte Indian, Blue Coco, Brinker/Carrier, Cherokee Trail of Tears, Early Riser, Flagg, Garden of Eden, German, Jade, Marvel of Venice, Mennonite Purple Stripe, Rattlesnake Snap, Robin’s Egg, Speckled Cranberry, True Red Cranberry
Beets ~
Aviv, Bull’s Blood, Cylindra, Early Wonder Tall Top, Lutz Green Leaf, MacGregor’s Favourite, Red Ace
Carrots ~
Danvers 126, Little Finger, Miami, Nash’s Rhumba, Navel, Paris Market, Rumba, Shin Kuroda
Atomic Red, Coloured Carrot Mix, Purple Dragon, Purple Sun, Yellow Solar, Yellowstone
Collards ~
Champion, Even’Star Landrace, Groninger Blue
Corn ~
Glass Gem, Hooker’s Sweet Indian, Who Gets Kissed?
Cucumber ~
Long Fruited:
Painted Serpent
Bushy, Early Russian, Sumter, Vorgebirgstrauben
DMR-264, Silver Slicer
Dragon’s Egg, Mexican Sour Gherkin
Garlic ~

Porcelain -
Eureka Amie
Purple Stripe Marbled -
Georgian Crystal, Moravia, Music, Northern Quebec, Polish Jenn, Susan Delafield
Brown Saxon, Emmerdale Rac, French Rac, Italian Purple, Kilarney Red, Korean Purple, Marino
Artichoke -
French Tarne, Kettle River Giant, Portugeorge
Elephant -
Silverskin -
Eggplant ~
Listada de Gandiad?
Grains ~
Opopeo Amaranth, Beer Barley, Blacktip Kamut, Blue Tinge Ethiopean Emmer Wheat, Duborskian Rice, Hell’s Canyon Millet, Vicar Hulless Oats

For more information on our products and availability, please contact us! 10 Emery Rd., RR#2
Summerside, PEI, CA
C1N 4J8
(902) 436-5180

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Last updated: April 5, 2017